Ana Tucker, CSW, MPH, C. Ht. is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Certified Social Worker. Based in Manhattan, Ana Tucker offers individual Hypnosis sessions, individual NLP sessions and Life Coaching services. She conducts workshops on topics of career, health and personal growth. All services are available by appointment in Manhattan and the San Francisco Bay Area. Job/Life Coaching and NLP distance services are available to locations outside of Manhattan and the San Francisco area.

Originally from Northern California, Ana earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science from the University of California at Berkeley; her Master of Science in Social Work and Master of Public Health degrees from Columbia University; and her Hypnotherapy and NLP Master Certification from the Tribeca Hypnosis and Healing Institute in New York City. She is Board Certified by The National Guild of Hypnosis. 

Ana Tucker has 16 years experience in the fields of health/mental health as a health educator, counselor & psychotherapist. Prior to her full time practice in Hypnotherapy Ana Tucker was Clinical Director of a Manhattan Mental Health clinic where she managed a staff of  Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists. Through her work in mental health and psychiatry she experienced firsthand the strengths as well as the limitations of the traditional clinical approach. Although psychotherapy and psychiatry offer excellent tools, Ana found the most effective changes in behavior came with the use of hypnotherapy.

Integrating her skills in nutrition, public health and psychotherapy with hypnosis and NLP Ana helps her clients resolve the core issue underlying the behavior. This creates permanent change by replacing limiting beliefs with healthy patterns which are supported on the deepest level of the mind.

Ana has helped her clients successfully overcome food and substance addiction, lose weight, decrease stress, manage chronic anxiety and depression, overcome stage fright, improve sleeping; ameliorate physical challenges such as tinnitus, hypercusis, bruxism, chronic pain; and more.

Ana Tucker’s individual Hypnosis and NLP sessions target specific issues such as those listed above. Ana Tucker’s Monthly Job/Life Coaching is designed for clients with long term success goals, such as a career change or life transition. Her Job/Life Coaching Program integrates traditional career counseling and life coaching techniques with the power of Hypnosis and NLP. Integrating Hypnosis and NLP helps Coaching clients establish clear goals, increase motivation, overcome procrastination, and overcome limiting beliefs in order to achieve successful results.