What is Job Coaching/Life Coaching?
Client Goals
Is the Job Coaching/Life Coaching Program for me?
Program Description


What is Job Coaching/Life Coaching?

As a Job Coach/Life Coach I work with individuals and groups to create professional and personal success. I integrate traditional career coaching techniques with Hypnotherapy and NLP to create a personalized coaching program for each client.

My Coaching Program utilizes specific techniques to assist you in reaching your goals. These techniques include eliciting values and establishing clear goals, increasing your motivation towards those goals; identifying and overcoming personal blocks including procrastination, poor time management, shyness, negative thinking; and identifying and changing the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success.

Client goals include:

• Finding your life’s work
• Starting your own business or private practice
• Increasing professional success
• Increasing Financial Success
• Turning your passion into your life’s work
• Creating a healthier lifestyle including weight reduction and stress management
• Creating a balanced lifestyle

Is the Job Coaching/Life Coaching Program for me?

• Are you frustrated with your work?
• Are you ready to find work that leaves you energized?
• Do you have a dream that you never pursued?
• Are you ready to make more money doing the work you love?
• Are you ready to be more successful in your current work?
• Are you tired of struggling financially?
• Are you ready to create a more fulfilling life, personally and professionally?
• Are you struggling with blocks that inhibit your success such as procrastination, shyness, poor motivation, negative thinking?
• Have you been unable to establish or maintain satisfying relationships?

Program Description

Monthly Coaching Program includes:
• Initial 2 hour Coaching Intake. Includes Goals assessment
• Weekly or bi-weekly ½ hour phone session.

Please contact me for program cost and additional details.