I work with clients in a series of one to five sessions. Some clients are able to resolve their issue in one to two sessions while others benefit from the full five sessions. 

My Manhattan office is located on Fifth Avenue between 20th & 21st street. My office is in a commercial building in a suite of therapy offices. If you have any questions you may ask the doorman and he will direct you to my office on the Fifth Floor. Please press the buzzer by my name and I will buzz you into the waiting area. You may remain in this waiting area until I call you into my office.

Initial Session

During your initial 2 hour session we will spend the first 30-45 minutes discussing your issue and reviewing your intake form. I will explain the process of hypnosis to you and answer any questions you have. The remainder of the session will be used for your hypnosis. You will make yourself comfortable, either sitting or reclining in my reclining chair. I will play music softly in the background and give you verbal suggestions to relax. You simply follow my suggestions and allow your mind and body to relax, which guides you into a natural state of trance.  I deepen this trance through additional verbal suggestions. Hypnotic trance is very comfortable and relaxing. This may feel similar to the state you experience as you are about to drift off into sleep.

While you are hypnotized, most people remain aware of the sound of my voice and awareness of the room around them. During this level of trance your senses are heightened. A smaller number of clients will go into a deeper level of trance in which the sound of my voice may come in and out. Either level of trance is fine. 

Although hypnosis may sometimes feel as if you are sleeping, you are not.  I make sure that you are in the correct level of trance for optimal results. I am able to detect your level of trance through your breathing, responsiveness to suggestions, skin tone, and body movement. I may occasionally ask you to indicate that you hear the sound of my voice by moving your index finger on your right or left hand.  This allows me to gage the level of trance without interrupting your trance state.

I make a tape for you during this initial session and suggest that you listen to this tape as you sleep for three weeks. This reinforces all the suggestions from this session.

At the end of this first session I leave a few minutes for you to emerge from trance and reorient yourself. I will answer any questions and review your session as needed .

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are 1 ½ hours. During your follow up sessions we will review your progress and briefly discuss your experiences of the previous week. 

Most of the follow up session will be spent in hypnosis. During your follow up sessions I use a variety of tools depending on your issue, including direct and indirect suggestion, regression, parts therapy, forgiveness therapy & Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). You may be speaking during these techniques as this is an effective method of releasing limiting beliefs, releasing negative emotions and creating healthy new behavior patterns.

I normally recommend sessions to be scheduled about a week apart but this is flexible and can be adjusted as needed based on scheduling or finances.